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The Film Futures Blog is run by the Film Futures Team, who in turn help run the Film Futures courses, such as the MA in Film Marketing & Distribution commonly known as Film Futures: Pro at NTI Birmingham, which is a postgraduate school within Birmingham School of Media, which is in part part of Birmingham City University.

Simple really.

But enough of that, what actually is Film Futures, we hear you ask? Well…

What is Film Futures?

Running for the first time in 2013, Film Futures is a new set of short and postgraduate degree courses brought to you by Birmingham City University’s NTI Birmingham (also home to Gamer Camp and Future Media) for graduates looking to work in the film industry.

Focusing on the distribution and marketing side of a film’s production cycle, it’s the only course of its kind in the UK, and is designed by industry experts to reflect the UK film industry’s need for more entrepreneurial producers and experts in movie marketing and distribution.

Whether you’re a film, media, marketing, advertising or business graduate with aspirations to work in the film industry, Film Futures gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a film production environment, put ideas into practice and build a real network of film industry contacts to further your career.

Film Futures Provides:

  • Industry led, intensive training, addressing hot topics in film distribution and marketing.
  • Experience in creating and implementing marketing and distribution strategies to real film projects, across all stages of a film’s life cycle from development to production and distribution.
  • Look into new and emerging distribution and revenue models
  • The opportunity to work alongside and network with film professionals

Take a look at our Film Marketing & Distribution MA

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