Student, Textile Design

By Katie Turton
Final year BA (Hons) Textile Design
Head shotThe opportunity to write a guest blog for Scarlet Opus, who specialise in consumer and design trend forecasting, came during my second year when we got to our work placement module.
The module is all about finding a 4-week work placement. Whilst at first this felt like a daunting task of finding somewhere that would take me on, the more I searched the further I got. My interests lie within the interior trend forecasting industry, so I contacted many companies asking for the opportunity of a placement, until I secured one at a trend forecasting company up in Newcastle.
However, one other company, Scarlet Opus, also got in touch to say that wasn’t the right timing for a placement with them,  but that they were very much interested in staying in touch with me after seeing my digital portfolio!
So, why did I contact the company again over summer?
I decided that because Scarlet Opus had offered to stay in touch with me, it was only right for me to take them up on this chance. I think it’s important to grab opportunities with both hands and take them whilst you can, so over the summer I took photos of the new work I had completed since first emailing Scarlet Opus and made a new digital portfolio for them to view.
Colour board Colour board

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Student, Textile Design

by Chloe Watling
First year BA (Hons) Textile Design

With finishing my first year I wanted to see the Fashion and Textiles graduate show here at BCU and also visit the national New Designers exhibition in London to keep me busy with creative ideas and motivation to produce work over the summer.

The work on display from graduating Fashion and Textile students at BCU was truly an eye-opening experience to see the standard of work and journey they have experienced through their degree.

bcu-inspired-parkside-104 RESIZED

                   (Image: School of Fashion and Textiles  Graduate Show, 2017)

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Fashion Branding and Communication, Fashion Business and Promotion, Student

Our BA (Hons) Fashion Branding and Communication course opens students up to a variety of fashion-related jobs, ranging from fashion journalism and brand management, to styling and photo-shoot production.

Paige (who is about to graduate) is taking the trend-forecasting and styling skills she’s recently gained to set up her own publishing business.
Before she escapes for the summer, we squeezed in a quick Q & A to find out more….

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Fashion Design, News, Student

by Jason Johns
BA (Hons) Fashion Design Lecturer
Earlier this month, a group of our final year BA (Hons) Fashion Design students headed down to London, to feature their collections on the Graduate Fashion Week catwalk. Lecturer, Jason Johns, worked backstage with students and technicians to organise models and complete final fittings for the prestigious show. Take a look at his round-up of the backstage frenzy in the build-up to the runway…

AsiaWerbel_bcufashion_0 115

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Fashion Business and Promotion, Student

by Searlait Golby
First year BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion student
Today I sit down with Charnice Blaize, a 22-year-old student from Northampton, who has quite literally, K I L L E D  I T throughout her entire time at University.
Charnice Blaize
Image credit: trmcreatives
Currently finishing her final major project in her third year of Fashion Business and Promotion at BCU, Charnice has tons of experience from working in the River Island head office, to interning for Tinie Tempah himself.
After finding out she has achieved a first in every single one of her projects, I had to sit down with her and ask her, how has she done it? Continue Reading
Fashion Branding and Communication, Student

Perception Magazine – My Final Major Project
by Evie Williams, Final year student

evie cropped

Following your dreams, is something we hope to do in life.

What a pleasure to work with Evie in her final year, as she has journeyed through her life experiences, passions and knowledge. She has drawn them together and followed her dreams to make a dynamic, innovative, exciting final project.
I am sure she will go on to thrive in industry and I look forward to seeing her career develop and dreams unfold.
Lindsay Pressdee, Course Director, BA (Hons) Fashion Branding and Communication.

lindsay cropped



I’m 23, just about to finish uni and go out into the real world. When I first started the course, I never dreamed of pursuing a career in journalism or PR in London. Now I have the confidence to do this! I also want to make my Final Major Project a reality, but I’ll tell you all about that in a moment! First I have to tell you why I created it.
chapter 1 for blog

I’ve been asked a few times how I came up with the idea and I think subconsciously it was because of what I’ve been through…

When I was 21, I was suddenly taken ill and ended up being admitted onto a stroke ward, which was really frightening.   Whilst I was there, I was lucky to receive regular visits from my friends and family, who bought me plenty of magazines to read whilst I recovered. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a perfect thing to bring for a Fashion Student! However, my illness meant that at the time, I found it difficult to concentrate properly and it was very hard for me to read the magazines. I remember feeling incredibly frustrated as I just couldn’t engage with the magazine content.
So fast forward two years to when  I started to plan for my Final Major Project. I started to think about what would make an original angle within fashion communication that I could focus on.   It was my personal experience in hospital that helped me find a unique approach.  I decided to create a new fashion magazine for the visually impaired…

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Fashion Business and Promotion, Student

by Elle Stancill
Second year BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion student


Coming from an industry background myself, I know how important  work placements are!  That’s why we dedicate so much time and effort to them throughout our courses.
Our second year students have recently completed their own industry placements across a mixed range of fashion businesses, providing them with a huge amount of experiences, developing their  CVs and of course, their university projects.
Employers want to know their staff understand the business environment as well as the theory behind it. Our students go out into industry and do just that.
It’s a chance to build CV experience,  create contacts and  apply the knowledge they’re gaining here to the workplace.  That’s why we push them to do it.   
Elle  recently took on a work placement of a different nature.  She spent three weeks with Fashion Blogger Kavita Donkersley at She wears Fashion.  Hear about her experience and top tips!…

sophie johnson blog



Sophie Johnson Lecturer in BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion  


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Student, Textile Design

by Loren Evans
Final year Textile Design student specialising in weave


It’s that time of year…
We’re currently in the middle of the most daunting part of our degree…
F  I  N  A  L
M  A  J  O  R
P  R  O  J  E  C  T!
Most of us feel daunted because for the first time in our course – BA (Hons) Textile Design – we have TOTAL autonomy. While this is an exciting prospect, it’s also nerve-wracking as we’re used to having briefs and some direction to follow…so now we’re entering uncharted waters!
Ordinarily this alone is a big challenge to take on, but I decided to take an even more challenging road…

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