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Spotlight on our Graduate Fashion Week nominees: Rebecca Howland

By Rebecca Howland
BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion

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Your Final Major Project is the culmination of your degree and the springboard to your fashion career, equipping you for the reality of working in fashion.
Third year student Rebecca explains how her dissertation inspired the concept for her Final Major Project, which was then successfully nominated for a New Fashion Media Award at Graduate Fashion Week.
Congratulations on the award nomination, how did you find out?
I was out with friends having celebratory drinks for handing in our projects when I received the email from the course leader Alison, explaining that I had been nominated for the new media award. It was quite a shock, I never thought my work would be nominated in a million years! I am now really excited about the O P P O R T U N I T I E S it may bring.
Tell us about your project and what inspired you?
The concept came from previous research I done for my dissertation. I investigated if ‘sexualisation within the media would die with Hugh Hefner’. Through this research I discovered personal accounts of models within the fashion industry that had been sexually harassed/abused or poorly treated. My research also brought to light nude imagery within the media being used to express feminism and body confidence.
Capture 9Tell us about your project and what inspired you?
From the initial research, I developed an I N N O V A T I V E concept which would protect and look after the welfare of young models, to which my solution was Black Book.
The Black Book concept is a mobile application, which is in association with the British Fashion Models Agents Association (BFMA). The application aims to create a community which supports, promotes and educates young models.

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The App includes:
  • Unique log in codes– The application is tailored to its user and their agency, covering routine Information such as: bookings, location of jobs, job notes and more.
  • GPS location flagging – When a model is in an unfamiliar location with unknown colleagues they are able to activate GPS flagging,
  • Digital coaching – Coaching advise delivered through a choice of e.g. via written content, pre-recorded video content or voice enabled digital assistance.
  • Live streaming – if member’s cannot make it to a monthly meet up, there is an option to live stream the talk and download key points to the users IBook’s.
  • Positive news feed – A social media element to the app. Users can interact with each other and post positive news from the industry, recommendations, wellbeing advice and acknowledge cultural news from around the world.
  • Local food – The map displays local restaurants and cafes that prepare healthy food.

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What three tips do you have for students working on their final project?
  1. Make use of previous contacts from work placements.
  2. Be super organised and have a plan for each week of what you want to achieve.
  3. Be persistent. I had to contact the BFMA multiple times before getting a response, I eventually got to meet with John Horner at Models1 in London and gained some very valuable information which aided my project significantly.

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How has the course supported your final steps?
I am currently working on my self-promotion module and the tutors are on hand giving practical advice on how to build our portfolios and creating our own personal branding.
Do you think your project nomination will be beneficial when you are going forward for interviews?   
Yes! Being nominated is a great achievement and it gives me something extra to talk about when going to interviews. I also think that my project has expanded my knowledge in various areas such as; the model industry, the media, financing, mobile application building, PR and marketing.
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