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Spotlight on our Graduate Fashion Week nominees: Bria Smith

By Bria Smith
BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion
Your Final Major Project is the culmination of your degree and the springboard to your fashion career, equipping you for the reality of working in fashion.
BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion student Bria Smith shares how her project has progressed, and celebrates a Graduate Fashion Week nomination.

Congratulations on the Award nomination, how did you find out?

My course director Alison sent me an email regarding the nomination. I was extremely shocked as I was not expecting it at all! I am really excited and pleased that my work is being recognised after I worked so hard on it – there were a lot of late nights and early mornings!

Tell us about your project and what inspired you?072
My project was inspired by the wellbeing movement and consumer desire for emotional connection. I identified that this movement was emerging across multiple sectors, however had not yet manifested itself in the fashion industry. In response to a growing mind set throughout society, I developed the business idea of Two.o, an intelligence platform with a wellbeing focus.
The service aims to reconnect brands and consumers through wellbeing driven initiatives that redirect the principles of retail towards wellbeing being an industry standard rather than a novelty experience.
Tell us more about your project journey, what were your highlights and did you come across any struggles?
The overall aim of my project was to create a business plan, marketing strategy and develop the website which would include samples of content. I set myself a very ambitious amount of work to do! I began with the business plan as this was the foundation and it helped me to understand the direction. I then created style guidelines for the brand which helped with the creative side of the design.


What advice would you give to students working on their Final Major Project?
The best advice I can give;
  • Get started right away and make a plan.
  • Try your best to stay on track (I created an overall timescale to show what I needed to do and when in order to meet the deadline).
  • Collaborate with industry experts on your weaker areas to strengthen your skills and overall outcomes, e.g. one of my collaborations was with a business advisor to help me refine my business plan and make my financial details realistic.
Final major project takes a lot of time as it is worth the most credits in our degree and to get the best mark possible you need to put the time in. The more work you get done at the start of the project means there is time for refinement and the creation of extra outcomes at the end which will improve the standard of your work.

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How has the course supported your final steps?
The last module we are currently doing is called Self Promotion and it is all about putting ourselves out into industry in the best possible way. This module is perfect for supporting our final steps from university and into careers. I am finding it really useful in learning tips for interviews and how to improve my CV which will be invaluable when applying for jobs. The tutors are helpful and know a lot about what the industry looks for.
Three top tips on how to prepare for Graduate Fashion Week?
  1. Refine and portray your work to the best possible standard.
  2. Three years of learning and development have led to this point, it is an amazing opportunity to show off your work and abilities to an industry audience which is really exciting.
  3. Enjoy it!
Do you think your project nomination will be beneficial when you are going forward for interviews?   
I hope so! It will definitely be a talking point and a way to express my knowledge and interests of the fashion industry at an interview. It also shows R E C O G N I T I O N of my work and ideas which is amazing to receive and hopefully that would interest a future employer.


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