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Fashion Business and Promotion Applicant Taster Day – What to Expect

As part of our application process, we invite students to attend our Applicant Taster Days. This aims to give every student a chance to experience the day in the life of a Fashion Business and Promotion student at Birmingham City University. Applicants get to meet the staff, ask lots of questions and experience a tour as well as a taster lecture to give them an insight into the content, experience and environment. We want to give you the best opportunity to find out if this is the course for you!

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“We want to make sure every student is as educated as possible in their decision making and ultimately makes the right choice for their future. By holding the applicant days, we give them opportunity to get to know us, and the environment they’d be studying in…the real deal! What better way to find out?’
Sophie Johnson, Lecturer in Fashion Business and Promotion.
We asked our applicants on our latest Applicant Open Day to tell us about their experience so potential students know exactly what to expect from the day.

The Lecture Experience
“The lecture experience was informative and covered every topic you’d want it to. It gives a great insight into the course and what you would expect a lecture to be like. The lecture itself was a great way of getting to meet new people and potential friends for next year, by interacting with the tasks and groups. The lecturer Sophie made everyone feel really comfortable and we could relate to her as she is a graduate of BCU. As well as talking about fashion related concepts, Sophie made you think outside the box and opened our eyes to the key issues that impact the fashion industry. Overall we found the lecture insightful and beneficial.”

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Past Work Examples
“After looking through the work on display, it was interesting to see the progression of student’s work across the three years. The first-year projects that we analysed were Trend Forecasting projects that were created using imagery and layout in report format, with written examples too, to show a range of both business and creatively presented work.
Second-year work demonstrated progression in creativity and InDesign presentation. We were impressed by the Event Management work, showing intense planning combined with freedom and individuality.
Third-year projects show clear development throughout the student’s journeys on the course. Students are given the chance to bring their ideas to life and focus on elements such as business plans, marketing and packaging ideas.

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Environment and Facilities
The Eagle and Ball (the University pub) is enjoyed by the students at BCU, as a great opportunity for students to relax and balance work time.  Throughout our tour, we could see students hard at work in the libraries and study spaces. Coming to visit BCU at the start of term you really get a sense of the students studying in the building.
The architecture and layout of the Parkside campus make the course even more appealing, as there is a sense of comfort and confidence in the surroundings. Bright lighting paired with modern layouts are really attractive. There is a sense of pride felt when you see students work presented throughout the building and particularly in the main entrance and exhibition space.


The buildings are perfectly located for fashion students due to the shopping! Being so close to The Bullring and Grand Central is very exciting. Being in such close proximity to a major retail space really makes us get a sense of the industry we would like to go in to.
Course Content and Modules 
The first year offers an equal balance of business and creative fashion. Looking at trend forecasting through to merchandising. It’s also a great opportunity to learn Photoshop and InDesign. It seems that everything you learn in your first year gives you a real foundation for moving into your second.
The second-year presents an opportunity for skills development, this includes learning how to market a product or brand and the PR involved through internationalising brands. There is a great opportunity for trips and travel in the second year to places such as New York, Milan and Berlin. The second year is also a key time to gain a placement in the fashion industry to get some real-life industry experience and expands your skills in the fashion business.

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In the third year, you collectively bring all your skills together from the first two years of study. It allows you the opportunity to showcase all of your skills and knowledge and to see them through in your dissertation. You can tailor your dissertation to the expertise you have and the part of the industry you want to go in to. The third year provides you with the opportunity to create a portfolio to apply for jobs in the industry.
As part of the group task, students were given the opportunity to interview second-year student Eleanor on her experiences of the course so far.  
What are the best bits about living at BCU?
“When you first come to university it’s great to be able to go out and get to know people through socialising and nights out. It’s also beneficial to join clubs and societies. Living in halls of residence in the first year also helps you to get to know people”


What has been your favourite module on the course?
My two favourites have been Buying & Merchandising and Marketing & PR but the course as a whole gives you a range of transferable skills, that can help you in a variety of jobs, such as different market sectors like beauty or lifestyle.

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Is it worth coming to university?
Yes, as it really helps you find your area of interest and passion, and ultimately what you want to do in the future. It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, has fantastic experiences and become independent.


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