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I want a career in fashion… but not as a designer

By Kylie Hill
BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion Student
For two years I studied A-levels in Art, Textiles and Psychology and then a year completing an Art & Design Foundation Diploma Level 3. I left this course knowing I wanted a career in fashion, but not necessarily in design.


After visiting and applying to many universities I decided Birmingham City University was the right choice for me, because of the BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion (FB&P) course they offer and the wide range of topics covered. I was impressed by the breadth of career paths that will be open to me, at the end of this course and the opportunity to work on live briefs with companies, in my favoured industry areas.
Coming from a course that was design focused, I hoped that the FB&P course would give me further insight of the fashion industry, building on the knowledge I had gained working part-time at Topshop, for the past three years. This is exactly what the first module ‘Fashion Business Context’ has done for me! The structure of the module meant it involved students from all backgrounds and really engaged my interest and motivation in working towards my fashion career goals!

The lectures we attended during this module were packed with new information which was really engaging, and captured my interest much more than my previous design-focused work. I felt really inspired by the content I was being taught and this has definitely been my favourite module so far.

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My advice would be to take thorough notes during lectures; don’t focus exclusively on what is on the PowerPoints, really listen to and absorb the knowledge that your lecturers are presenting, based on their experience in the industry. I found that networking with my peers and building stronger friendships in the lecture group was really beneficial too, as we were able to bounce ideas off each other and consider things from other people’s perspectives too.
As for studio sessions, really make the most of those two hours with your lecturers, as this is your main 1:2:1 contact time. Prepare yourself by being organised and keeping up with the work through the week so that you can get constructive feedback. It’s the best way to keep on track!

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Learning my way around Adobe InDesign, wasn’t easy for me as I had no previous experience using it. I advise you to familiarise yourself with this programme as much as possible during your Visual Communication sessions, so you don’t become overwhelmed by trying to do it at the last minute, with deadlines approaching. is a great resource to use if you miss anything in the taught sessions, or need a refresher on how to complete a specific action within InDesign.

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I have really enjoyed my first six weeks on the Fashion Business and Promotion course and am really glad that I chose to study at BCU. I feel that I have regained my confidence and am excited about finding a career in the fashion industry, suited to my skillset. I am sure it would do the same for you too!


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