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The Southbank, London: A Destination for Success

by Lou Howlett
Final year BA (Hons) Costume Design and Practice


‘D    E    S    T    I    N    A    T    I    O    N    S  is a unique opportunity for performance design graduates from across the UK to showcase their work to a wider professional and public audience.’
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B    A    C    K    during the hustle and bustle of completing projects and final submissions, a group of us from the School of Fashion and Textiles and the School of Visual Communication were approached with the opportunity to exhibit our work at ‘Destinations‘, at the Oxo Tower in London.

P    R    E    P    A    R    A    T    I    O    N    S   began by creating exposure on social media. Choices of which work would be exhibited and where it would be positioned in the room were also important considerations.  Away from university, we were also organising our individual business cards and profiles to be displayed alongside our work.


S    E    T    T    I    N    G   up went very smoothly. We were given a fantastic room in the building in which we could control the lighting within as it was quite dark, which really made the setting. It had a particularly old and industrial feel which worked well with the variety of work we were displaying.
H    A    N    N    A    H  Bridges, Kelly Facey and I brought the costume elements to the room. Hannah suspended her two tutu’s from her final major project from the ceiling and presented her professional business cards and boards discussing her work alongside them.


K    E    L    L    Y   took the costume she created for the first project of third year: a jacket, skirt and crinoline, designed and made to represent the character ‘Sacha’ from Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.


I took the costume I created for Shelly D’Inferno, a well renowned multi-talented performer, whom I collaborated with for my final major project. Alongside this, I took two of my corsets and accompanying garments as I wanted to be known at the exhibition for my corsetry skills.


W    E  met students and tutors from other universities and got to see their work.  We also got to chat with members of the public to see how they felt about our work. It was great to hear what people away from university and those who had already seen the work thought, especially since we have now graduated and will take what we learnt into industry.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the guys from BA (Hons) Design for Performance and  hope that this will continue to encourage collaborations, as we worked very well together.
O    V    E    R   the next few months, I would like to put together my first collection and potentially work with Shelly D’Inferno again. I have also just had a confirmation of working on a project that will be featured on Channel 4 and I am very much looking forward to this opportunity.  I’d always planned to finish university and go off into the tattoo industry. Although I very much still want to do this, my final year collaborations and graduating with a first class has broadened my horizons. I am now contemplating a masters and possibly using my knowledge to teach.
I’ve always been interested in multiple things despite choosing a degree in one area, that’s never changed and isn’t about to now that I’ve finished my BA degree!

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