Top 5… Frequently Asked Questions during Welcome Week!

Firstly… welcome to BCU!

We know you get a lot of information during your first few weeks, and we want to make it easier for you to get the info you need.

Here’s the top 5 things you should know about the library in your first week!

1. What’s my borrower number?

This is your 8 digit student number plus the issue number on your ID card. In the below case it would be 4400694302.


2. What is my library PIN?

Your 4 digit PIN was sent to your university email when you enrolled. You can ask for your PIN at the Help Desk or reset your PIN on the library catalogue.

3. Can I eat or drink in the library?

We know it’s nice to have a bite to eat while you study, but because hot food can be disruptive to other users we ask that you eat it in the café areas and not in the library itself. Cold food and drinks in sealed containers may be consumed in the library.

4. How can I borrow a book?

You can borrow books using the self-service machines. You will need your ID card and 4 digit PIN.


5. How do I print?

You can print from any university PC using the Uniflow printing system. For                  instructions, please visit

Enjoy Welcome Week!