Succeeding in your assignments / starting your research

It’s November, and by now I’m sure most BCU students are well underway with their assignments or research projects. This month we’re going to be concentrating on all the ways the library can help you with these. Sure, you can get books and articles from us, but did you know we’ve got TONS more to help you get amazing grades?

We’ll be focussing on individual resources in future posts, but here’s a quick overview of some services which we hope you’ll be able to make good use of:

How can I get help?

  • You can book a tutorial with a librarian that specialises in your subject to help find resources for your research projects or assignments.
  • You can book a tutorial with the Centre for Academic Success to help you with academic writing.
  • You can book on an information skills workshop.
  • You can try a subject-specific informed learning course online.
  • You can browse your online subject guide which includes tailored library information for your subject.
  • We’ve created a guide to help start you off with your assignment/research.

Is there any specific help for researchers?

  • Yes! We have created a guide which maps the research process in detail, providing links to our resources and further help sources.
  • You can also book a tutorial as above.

What if I’m doing my research away from the university and need some help?

  • You can use our online Library Help service to chat to us live or send us an email.
  • You can join the SCONUL Access scheme to use facilities at your local university library.

During November we will be posting more information about the above, but why not explore these links now and see how we can help you?


Our top 5 tips for using the virtual library

Away for the holidays?

Studying off campus?

Part-time student?

No problem!

Our virtual doors are always open, with access to resources and help electronically 24/7.  Here are our top 5 tips for studying from home.


1. Make the most of electronic resources

You can access more than 60 million (yes!) full text items digitally using our search engine Summon, which provides fast, easy access to our collection of books and journals – and beyond.  We have over 12,000 ebooks, with more being added all the time.


Access is easy when using the Birmingham City University iCity page – no extra log in details are required for most resources.

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