Let’s Celebrate!

2019 has seen many aspects of Library & Learning Resource’s (L&LR) work recognised both by the University and externally.

At the start of 2019 L&LR retained the externally validated Customer Service Excellence Award. The Service is now compliant or compliant plus in all but one of the 57 elements.

As Enid Pryce-Jones, (Deputy Director L&LR) commented, “It is testimony to the hard work and dedication of all L&LR staff and the engagement of our partners in BCU – without them there would be no accreditation.”


In April it was fabulous to see colleagues from L&LR achieving recognition at BCU’s CFO Awards:

  • the Library Relocation Team won the CFO Portfolio Team Award for Student Transformation – relocating Education from City North’s Kenrick Library to Mary Seacole Library



  • the Curzon Library Customer Services Team won in the Generosity of Spirit Award for their work helping students and staff who use BCU Library


  • the Stock Management Team (Mary Seacole Library) were nominated in the Continuous Improvement Award category, and finally,
  • Colleagues from the L&LR Collections Team were nominated within the Student Transformation Award.

All fantastic achievements. “It really does prove what an excellent service we provide.” (L&LR SMT)


And there’s been more…

In the recent BCU Extra Miles Award 2018/2019 the Library Staff Team were shortlisted for the Team of the Year Award alongside a nomination for Librarian James Dean, shortlisted in the Professional Services Staff of the Year category.

Quite a year so far, I think you’ll agree, demonstrating that  “The L&LR work hard to meet customer needs and deliver services.” (L&LR SMT).


^Posted on behalf of Fid Bleasdale, Customer Services.


Library feedback tree

“Without the library, what is a university?”

One of our favourite things is to listen to our customer’s feedback, good and bad! Positive feedback allows us to celebrate what we do well, and negative feedback tells us where we can improve.

We recently got our gardening gloves out and created some feedback trees in Curzon, Mary Seacole, Conservatoire and Kenrick Libraries.  We left some paper leaves out and asked you to fill the trees with your comments.

Conservatoire Tree

We received lots of feedback about study space, computers and study rooms at Curzon, as well as lots of nice comments about our staff and resources overall.  We’re going to address the space issue very soon by promoting the underused study space outside of our libraries, and we will pass on your feedback about how much you appreciate our hard-working staff.

Some of my personal favourites were these thinkers:


Many thanks to everybody who took the time to write their comments.  We’re hoping to compile these soon for you all to read, so keep an eye out!


LIKE event – 4th December 2015


On Friday 4th December Library and Learning Resources held the inaugural LIKE event, a place for staff to share knowledge and discuss events they had been to.

Some of the topics we discussed were as follows:


  • PPRG Marketing excellence awards – particularly notable was the University of Huddersfield’s promotion of their online reading lists.
  • ARLIS RDA implementation workshop – a discussion about the implementation of RDA (Resource Description and Access – cataloguing standard)
  • Northumbria Conference on performance management – consumer behaviour research, the idea of “browser’s neck” (tilting your head to read the spines of books!).
  • UX Lib conference – possible research methods for the user experience i.e. cognitive mapping, user diaries.

Social media

  • Development of the Library and Learning Resources blog
  • BCU cataloguers Twitter @BCU_cataloguers
  • Using Sumall for Twitter analytics i.e. thank you tweets


  • Clustering editions on the OPAC – trialling in the BCU sandbox
  • BCU Graduate Plus scheme


  • Use of Tableu for logging enquiries and getting rich data
  • Screenagers – increasing use of the virtual reference library for the new generation


The information shared generated a lot of discussion.  For example, how consumer behaviour research can impact library services, i.e. the layout of items on the shelf, the use of book bags and strategically placed sofas. Looking outside of libraries might lead to some innovative ideas being introduced, and is worth considering for the future.

Overall this was a really useful exercise in sharing knowledge and learning from others’ experiences.  It was interesting to have people in attendance that work in other areas of the library to me – I know nothing about cataloguing, for example, so it was fun to learn about what the cataloguers are up to and the developments in the general field.

Hopefully we will run this again – all Library and Learning Resources staff would be welcome to attend, either to share or just listen!


Laura (Assistant Liaison Librarian)

National Customer Services Week 2015

Last year Library and Learning Resources started celebrating National Customer Services Week.  This is a national yearly campaign run by the Institute of Customer Service, an organisation which helps improve customer service operations.

This year we ran our campaign a little later than the national week (26th-30th October), after the start of term rush was over.  The idea was to target both students and library staff, increasing awareness of our efforts to improve customer service.  A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes when it comes to making sure we’re doing the best for our customers.  National Customer Service Week allows us to showcase this, but also engage our staff in the process.

Each year is themed, with 2015 as follows:

ncsw monday

We promoted these themes online, and with displays in four of our libraries.  We sent staff a daily email to let them know about the themes and activities, and also to get them considering their own role with regards to delivering excellent customer service.

ncsw CZ

Display at Curzon Library.

As well as promoting our services, engagement culture and customer service excellence award, there was also a chance for staff to nominate colleagues for moments of great customer service.  We received 25 nominations in total, which is a great response!

Of course, the most important factor in our development of customer services is you, the customer! We love to hear your thoughts about our services, and where possible we will respond to you directly, and also publish our responses.  We involve our customers in journey mapping sessions and focus groups/surveys to directly understand the impact of our services.

You can get in touch using email/chat via libanswers, via twitter, by phone, or by speaking to any of our Help Desk staff.


^Laura (Assistant Liaison Librarian)