February Peer Mentor drop-in session – Summon!

On Thursday 9th February our Peer Mentor Isaac will be hosting a new session, designed to follow-on from the last drop-in session.

This session will look into the advanced features of ‘Summon’ and how to find the best results. There will be a secondary focus on the Libguides website which has been prepared by the Librarians to guide students in a particular area of study, containing popular online resources such as specific databases, the most useful books on the subject, as well as research assistance.

February Drop-In Session Poster

December LPM Drop-In Session

^Posted on behalf of Isaac Paul

January Peer Mentor drop-in session – journals and more!

On Tuesday 24th January our Library Peer Mentor will be holding a drop-in session 10.30-11.30am near the first floor Curzon Library entrance. Why not pop along and learn something new!

This drop-in session will be focusing on journal articles and how to use Summon to the best of its ability in order to receive the best results. We have prepared six top tips that are guaranteed to return the most appropriate articles for you work. We will also be highlighting the ‘Live Chat with a Librarian’ facility available from the Library Help website.

January Drop-In Session PosterDecember LPM Drop-In Session

^Post on behalf of Isaac Paul

A day in the life of… A student mentor

A day in the life of


Hi, my name is Tahreem Tahir and I am a Library Support Assistant for the library and Student Mentor for the Learning and Teaching Team. I am also a third year Psychology student. I am based in the Curzon Library.

My key role in the library is to provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with one to one support regarding the library resources we provide. I have provided a programme of library sessions so students are able to access library materials efficiently. The support includes helping students explore strategies such as key words and search tips which can help them research the information in the library and externally. Through my role as a Library Support Assistant, I have helped out in the library by shelving/ sorting out books. This role has allowed help students find books and information about subjects they are unsure about.

Over the last few months, we have held drop-in sessions for students who are struggling with library resources. These drop-in sessions have allowed students to ask any question from us mentors about the library and in return we have showered them with coffee, cakes and chocolates!

Over the last 8 months, I have really enjoyed my role as a student mentor. Both roles have helped me interact with many students over different courses and different years. The roles combined has given me a chance to spread my knowledge about the library. These roles have also helped me guide first year students about information they are unsure about and has also allowed me to be there for third year students that may be struggling with stress due to their last year.

^Posted on behalf of Tahreem Tahir