National Customer Services Week 2015

Last year Library and Learning Resources started celebrating National Customer Services Week.  This is a national yearly campaign run by the Institute of Customer Service, an organisation which helps improve customer service operations.

This year we ran our campaign a little later than the national week (26th-30th October), after the start of term rush was over.  The idea was to target both students and library staff, increasing awareness of our efforts to improve customer service.  A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes when it comes to making sure we’re doing the best for our customers.  National Customer Service Week allows us to showcase this, but also engage our staff in the process.

Each year is themed, with 2015 as follows:

ncsw monday

We promoted these themes online, and with displays in four of our libraries.  We sent staff a daily email to let them know about the themes and activities, and also to get them considering their own role with regards to delivering excellent customer service.

ncsw CZ

Display at Curzon Library.

As well as promoting our services, engagement culture and customer service excellence award, there was also a chance for staff to nominate colleagues for moments of great customer service.  We received 25 nominations in total, which is a great response!

Of course, the most important factor in our development of customer services is you, the customer! We love to hear your thoughts about our services, and where possible we will respond to you directly, and also publish our responses.  We involve our customers in journey mapping sessions and focus groups/surveys to directly understand the impact of our services.

You can get in touch using email/chat via libanswers, via twitter, by phone, or by speaking to any of our Help Desk staff.


^Laura (Assistant Liaison Librarian)