National Customer Services Week 2016

It’s National Customer Services Week! Well, it was at the beginning of October – however as this is our busiest time of the academic year, we run ours a bit later than the official week.

Each day a different theme is celebrated:


We’ve uploaded some key information about these themes to our handy Libguide – why not take a look and see what we do to achieve our Customer Service Excellence Award, for example?

This is also the week for you to Have Your Say. Got any comments about the library? We’d love to hear them! You can pop into Curzon, Seacole, Conservatoire or Kenrick to add your comments to the boards there, or just add your comment online!


CILIP professional registration event

On Friday 12th February a group of us met in Curzon Building to hear about CILIP professional registration from four speakers.

First up was Lisa Bassini from South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust who spoke about her Certification experience, followed by Head of Library Liaison – Enquiry Services at BCU Annmarie Lee who described her Chartership Journey, BCU Research Fellow Jo Alcock who talked about her work towards Fellowship, and Jo Cornish, Development Officer from CILIP who discussed revalidation, and also the benefits of undertaking professional registration.

The morning was a really useful experience, giving those of us who are considering professional registration a chance to appreciate how valuable the process is, and ask questions to those who have been through it.

What’s the process?

You need to join CILIP and pay an additional registration fee to start the process of professional registration.

All steps towards Certification, Chartership or Fellowship have the following steps in common:

  • A personal skills audit via the CILIP Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB) to highlight areas for development.
  • A portfolio of evidence from your work to demonstrate skills, knowledge and learning.
  • Working with a mentor who provides support, critique and guidance.
  • A reflective 1000 word summary statement to be submitted along with evidence to summarise your skills development.

Image (C) CILIP

What’s the benefit?

All speakers found their professional registration experience to be rewarding, challenging, and ultimately enabled them to progress their career.  Employers value CPD in any form, and most encourage staff to develop their skills because it is mutually beneficial. Upskilled, motivated staff are a key asset to any service.

Why revalidate?

Revalidation proves an ongoing commitment to professional development and a willingness to keep skills up-to-date.  The process is less time intensive than the initial registration but demonstrates the same reflective and evaluative practice. It’s free, and requires a 250 word statement and 20 hours of CPD per year.