Collection spotlight: trial of Statista

A collection spotlight

We’ve got trial access to the statistics database Statista until the 5th December 2016.

You can access this on-campus only, via the A-Z of Resources on our iCity pages.


This database contains market and industry reports and forecasts, including digital media.

Got any feedback about this database? Email us!


Trial of extra content within Passport (Euromonitor)

Keynote, who are a sister company of Mintel and one of our eresources,will  no longer be updating the Market Reports on their database  – so we are looking at sources of extra content as alternatives.

We have  taken out a trial for Passport Industrial from Euromonitor – (after logging on via Athens, select Birmingham City University on the right hand side if necessary, enter your details – when in the site click on the ‘Economies tab ‘ at the top to find the ‘Industrial’ link).

passport extra content

For any feedback about these trials please contact Carol Price,Liaison Librarian, Learning and Teaching and Linda Garratt. Liaison Librarian Collection Management.

Trial of DETAIL inspiration until 17 June 2016

We have set up a trial to DETAIL inspiration – an architectural image database  – you can look at it on-campus here

“DETAIL inspiration, the database for architects is a new image and reference database with more than 2,400 projects from the last 30 years of DETAIL. The integrated search function, with numerous filters, allows your students and teaching staff to find precisely the right information. Each project described in the database is accompanied by DETAIL project documents, which can be downloaded as PDFs”

Please send any comments on this trial to Hugh Morgan,  Assistant Liaison Librarian – Collections Management.

Trial of Drama Online until end of December 2015

We have taken out a trial of Drama Online (access here, on-campus only

dramaonline They say “The award-winning Drama Online introduces new writers alongside the most iconic names in playwriting history, providing contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides.Our constantly growing collection meets the full range of teaching needs for theatre studies, literature courses and drama schools.

For more details about this trial please contact Francis Firth, Liaison Librarian Collection Management.


Trial of Journal Citation Reports, Essential Science Indicators and Research Performance Profiles until 30th September 2014


We have set up a trial (on campus only) until 30th September 2014  for the following three products from Thomson Reuters (InCites) which look at metrics and citation analysis for academic journals.  

Please have a look and let us know what you think of these products. To access, click on the Sign In button then on the next screen click on “Please select the option to continue without signing in” to login as Guest.

1) Journal Citation Reports

2) Essential Science Indicators 

3) Research Performance Profiles, Global Comparisons and Institutional Profiles

For more information about this resource trial please contact Graham Gamblin, Assistant Liaison Librarian,Collection Management.