New! Changes at the School of Jewellery Library


We’ve finally got self-service at the School of Jewellery Library, and it’s ready for you to use!

SS Jewellery

This means you can take out books without going to the Help Desk, just by scanning your ID card and entering your PIN. It’s also easy to return, renew, and check your account! If you’d like us to show you how to use the new machine, just ask at the Help Desk.

In addition, it also means that you can use the library over the lunch period when the Help Desk is closed. Starting from now, we’ll be keeping the library open all day (9.00-5.45 Mon-Thurs; 9.00-4.45 Fri) without the previous lunchtime closure.

We’d love to hear your feedback. You can complete a comment form online¬†or in person at the Help Desk, tweet us,¬†or send us a message on Facebook!