Holiday happenings in the library Learning & Teaching Team

Now that the Summer vacation is with us all of the Learning & Teaching Liaison Librarians turn into frogs…not really, but we are still hopping around the library and the university preparing for a new academic year.


So, what do we get up to?  Here are the highlights:

  • Preparing inductions – all new students will receive a library induction from their L&T Librarian during freshers week or within the first few weeks of term. We know that you are given a lot of information during this time, so we try to make our inductions as painless as possible and spend time improving how we get our message across to you.
  • Session planning – our team also support students throughout their course with sessions which look specifically at how to get the best out of library resources. Sometimes these events are drop-in events to which you can just turn up, but very often they are offered as part of your course so they focus upon your subject and are offered at the right time when you are tackling an assignment.
  • Tutorial support – postgraduate and research students are still around during the Summer vacation, so the team continue to offer tutorial support where we can help you with your research on an individual basis. These tutorials are available to all levels and can be booked from our moodle pages
  • Updating subject guides – our online subject guides are a really useful way for students to find out more about library resources and services.  Most subjects taught within the university are supported with one of these guides, and our team of librarians work hard at keeping them up-to-date and relevant to students.  Check out your online subject guide to find out what new resources we are buying or to contact the team of librarians who support your course.

^Posted on behalf of Janice Wright