Library feedback tree

“Without the library, what is a university?”

One of our favourite things is to listen to our customer’s feedback, good and bad! Positive feedback allows us to celebrate what we do well, and negative feedback tells us where we can improve.

We recently got our gardening gloves out and created some feedback trees in Curzon, Mary Seacole, Conservatoire and Kenrick Libraries.  We left some paper leaves out and asked you to fill the trees with your comments.

Conservatoire Tree

We received lots of feedback about study space, computers and study rooms at Curzon, as well as lots of nice comments about our staff and resources overall.  We’re going to address the space issue very soon by promoting the underused study space outside of our libraries, and we will pass on your feedback about how much you appreciate our hard-working staff.

Some of my personal favourites were these thinkers:


Many thanks to everybody who took the time to write their comments.  We’re hoping to compile these soon for you all to read, so keep an eye out!