A belated welcome…

Welcome Week 2015 at Birmingham City University was fabulous!  The place was overspilling with stalls offering freebies.  It was great seeing so many wide-eyed, excited students on campus after a quiet summer, and a wonderful way to welcome everybody to the brand new Curzon Building.

On our Library and Learning Resources stall, I was very proud to be handing out some absolutely beautiful bags and coasters featuring a design taken from one of our library treasures, Suggestions in Floral Design by F.E. Hulme.

Library treasures bag

The design on the bag was an amended version of one in the book, created by one of our talented members of staff.

Judging by the take-up, other people thought they were beautiful too!  I expect to see everybody in the library using their bags to take books home.  But, if not, they’ll help you beat the 5p plastic bag charge, or make a lovely washing bag for when you go back home at the weekends.  And, if you’re inspired or interested in seeing more, we have plenty of books on floral design!

Hulme image

We were also dishing out handy library information, but in case you missed it, you can find about how to get started with the library on our iCity pages.

The library tweeters were out in force, capturing the essence of the day.  You can find the full story here!


^Laura (Assistant Liaison Librarian)