MakeyMakey Workshop With Mark Brill and Tim Wilson

Niku (Nabaneet) Dutta talks to Tim Wilson from Creative Knowledge about a series of MaKeyMaKey workshops produced with Alexa Torlo, Mark Brill and the BCU Future Media team from Birmingham City University and creating the framework for future projects and collaborations. Through this partnership, the team took this idea and transformed it into something which was around encouraging people to build on their ideas by making stuff to address key challenges that came out of #Gallerycamp13.

The big benefit of the MakeyMakey is how important it is to give people, no matter who they are, an opportunity to use accessible technologies to enable simple solutions. MakeyMakey allows people to turn everyday objects into keys and use them with their computer.

Participants are able to unlock their creativity not only having fun with an accessible tool but also able to appreciate and acknowledging the benefits that these tools can provide on one off projects but also in day-to-day working.

The feedback to the follow up event is reflective of this. Participants have said they will buy, or have already bought new MakeyMakeys, and put them into action as part of their own work. Furthermore, a precedent has been set to enable gallery staff, artists and other creatives to use simple technologies that can transform the ways in which they engage.


Building on the momentum of the Gallerycamp follow up event, we held a successful public-facing MakeyMakey workshop on Friday February 21st as part of the Festival of Imagination (The Imaginarium). More info here. Participants included Catherine Shelley from the Faculty of Performance, Media and English who won a prize for the ‘Best MakeyMakey Idea of The Day’ at the workshop.


For more pictures from the February 2014 workshop, please click here.

A big word of thanks too to BCU Future Media‘s Gillian Wasser and Juliana Geller for their contributions and input into making these MakeyMakey workshops happen.

We are planning further digital workshops involving MakeyMakeys and other accessible technologies into 2014 and we would love to work with you if you’d like us to come and deliver a workshop.

Get In Touch:

Tim Wilson : +44 (0) 780 359 3073 / @timmy666 / LinkedIn / Website
Mark Brill : +44 (0) 207 490 8779 / @brillthings / LinkedIn / Website

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