Excellence Through Values : Take I

BCU Enterprise : Introduction


Birmingham City University‘s values framework makes it stand apart from the rest and define it as one of the leading Universities in the UK; by not only embodying it in every core aspects of its activities, but also encouraging and empowering its students to execute each element effectively. The center of the four pillars lies Excellence, wherein we ensure highest quality of standards across our functional areas. Build around is our People Focus, wherein recognition of individual contributions towards a greater collaborative goal.

Focus on Partnership Working among the University and a wider community to enable all stakeholders contribute equally and become a part of a collaborative success, much like everyday tasks of an Entrepreneur. Fairness and Integrity remains a scale on which we believe in keeping ourselves balanced with; being transparent in our behavior and allow our stakeholders to effectively and efficiently achieve their individual as well as collaborative goals.

BCU Core Values

BCU Core Values


Case Study – Take I : Meeting Sophie and Juliana



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