Creative Writing, Drama, English, Language, Literature

by Mesha Pope, 3rd year student


“I hide them in bowls under the bed. Packets of Marks and Spencer’s crisps, Kettle Chips… Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, they’re the best ones.”

Uplifted. Nostalgic. Heartbroken.

Just three of the varied emotions I felt whilst watching the wonderful Maria Ferguson. Fat Girls Don’t Dance was both hilarious and heart-warming in equal measure. She describes herself as being a ‘chubby kid’ and so her work exposes her continued struggle with food and how this affected her as an up and coming performer.

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Creative Writing, Drama, English, Language, Literature

By Siobhan Coleman

Graduate, 2017, School of English

Simon Callow

Stepping out of our comfort zones can be a daunting challenge for most of us, however I am going to discuss the fantastic benefits of saying yes to a new experience.

I, alongside some second year students had the opportunity of representing the School of English. We were invited to interview the actor Simon Callow at the Birmingham and Midlands Institute. Despite this being an incredible opportunity, we all felt very nervous as this was a first time experience for us all. Many fears were circulating all of our minds. What will he be like? Will he be difficult to talk to? Will he be down to earth or standoffish? The truth is none of us had any idea what to expect, however the outcome of the day turned out to be to the most unlikely scenario.

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Drama, English, Literature

As our final year students head towards the end of their time with us at University, we asked a few of them to reflect on their journey and experiences with us so far.


sophie and katie eng blog 1

BA (Hons) English Literature student Sophie and BA (Hons) English and Drama student Katie answer a few questions on their views on the university, their chosen course and their future plans.

Why did you initially apply to study in Birmingham?

Sophie: The city life! I wanted to be near everything.

Katie: I currently live in Wolverhampton and wanted to live at home and commute. I have school friends who chose Birmingham City University and I heard really positive things. I also like how the campus is in the city centre and very accessible.

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