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The Day Hospital – A Podcast featuring the work of Sally Read, Fellow of the Institute of Creative Writing

The Day Hospital cover imageThe Institute of Creative and Critical Writing is delighted to present a podcast from Sally Read’s powerful and moving collection of poems for voices, The Day Hospital (Bloodaxe Books, 2012).
Sally is a Fellow of the Institute of Creative and Critical Writing. The Day Hospital is Sally’s third collection with Bloodaxe Books. Read more about Sally here:
Please follow this link to download and listen to the podcast.

For the podcast, Sally has chosen six poems, all linked by the narration she includes in the book, with a brief introduction for each character. Sally writes:
‘These six monologues are taken from twelve that comprise the book. In the 1990s I worked as a psychiatric nurse at several hospitals in London, and many years later I created those twelve voices to give fictionalised expression to some of the distress, the hope, the rootlessness, loneliness and bravery that I witnessed. The characters, here and in the book, are invented, but, like the people I listened to, a high proportion of them are immigrants. They are Londoners, yet they carry their homeland with them: in occasional words, an occasionally strong accent, a yearning for some other, more familiar place. Many psychiatric patients might not always be able to communicate well, whether through dementia or functional mental illness, and one of my goals in writing the monologues was to give a voice to the kind of people who usually have no voice, or one that is greatly misunderstood.’
This recording would not have been possible without the support and enthusiasm of our brilliant producer, Lucy Ryan, from BCU’s School of Media; Helen Cross, also a Fellow of the Institute of Creative and Critical Writing, and Radio Dramatist in Residence with the School of English and the School of Media 2016-17; and Bloodaxe Books, who kindly gave permission for the podcast to be made.
We are especially grateful to the four wonderful actors from the Crescent Theatre who gave their time and skill in support of this project. In alphabetical order, they are:
Dave Hill – voicing Pat and Daniele
Maura Judges – voicing Bridget and Catherine
Peter Smith – voicing Jack and the narrator
Skye Witney – voicing Tatiana and the introductions
We hope you enjoy the podcast. If you have, please share it widely.


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