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Welcome to CSPACE

Written by: Martin Fautley, Professor of Education, Birmingham City University

Hello internet, and welcome to the new blog for the Centre for the Study of Practice and Culture in Education at Birmingham City University!

We are hoping that this blog will be a thinking point for all matters to do with education, from the very youngest children, through schools, colleges, and academies, to FE and HE contexts, and then on into lifelong learning. Our main aims are to be thought-provoking, questioning, and to offer a home for voices which might be contentious at times, and which challenge orthodoxy! We intend to be eclectic, and so we looking for contributions on a wide range of educational topics.MF

We also want to really get to grips with education. We pride ourselves here at BCU on having very detailed ‘corridor conversations’ (we have very long corridors in our Attwood building which make this possible!), but we want to open up these to the wider world via the power of the internet.

It is important to say that we don’t always agree with each other, and so views expressed in this blog will be the properties of the person making them, and certainly not representative of the University! I also tell my students that sometimes I will argue with them for the sake of it, and they shouldn’t therefore take this as being representative of what I think, but that this will help expose thinking, and I’d like to think that will be true of this blog too. Although as a regular twitter user I am very familiar with what seem to be arguments solely for the sake of it – let’s hope we don’t have too many of those! But there seem to be so many things happening in education that make us education professionals cross at the moment, and so I am hoping too that this blog will carry some of those.

So, it’s now over to you, please feel free to contribute, please feel free to respond, and let’s try and make the educational world a better place by thinking out loud in public, and taking new ideas and ways of working forwards.