Meet the CSPACE Team – Mandy French

Name: Mandy French

Role at BCU: Co-Director CSPACE and Associate Professor in School of Educationmandy

Research Interests:

  • Writing for academic purposes
  • Participatory research with children
  • Feedback innovation
  • Perceptions of academic writing practices
  • Employment literacies
  • Widening participation and social justice
  • Post-qualitative methodologies
  • Critical pedagogies
  • Postgraduate teaching and learning

Research you are currently working on: I am currently working with a number of local primary schools on a participatory research project called Pupils as Research Partners in Primary (PARPP). This has, amongst other projects involved working with pupils to evaluate an exhibition held in the school, refresh a neglected garden area and redesign their playground.


Research methodologies you are using: I am always interested in using interdisciplinary, participatory and collaborative methodologies and enjoy researching with partners across the university and beyond.

In my PhD, which was about lecturers’ perceptions of academic writing I used a post-qualitative methodology that allowed me to play around with my favourite feminist theorists (see below) and French philosophers like Foucault, Bourdieu, Deleuze and Guattari!

Current issues, thoughts and reflections on education & research: We need to be prepared to experiment and take risks with educational research.

diagram Most influential research you have read/seen: The work of Maggie MacLure, Judith Butler, Elizabeth St. Pierre and Patti Lather has blown my mind one way or another over the last 10 years.

Advice for new researchers: Be open to new ideas, always be prepared to share and discuss ideas with your colleagues and never be afraid to ask questions or change your mind!

Mini fact about you: I love vintage and upcycling.



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