Identifying, assessing and supporting young children’s speech, language and communication in early years settings

Written by Dr Carolyn Blackburn, Research Fellow in Early Childhood Studies, HELS

Carolyn’s latest blog post is all about her PhD and People with Speech, Language and Communication Needs. The full article can be found here:

Here are some highlights:

“My PhD aimed to explore the policy-to-practice context to the delays and difficulties in the acquisition of SLC (Speech, Language and Communication Needs) in the first five years using a mixed-methods interpretive case study design.”

“At the microcontext of the home environment, parents appeared to be supportive, were realistic in their expectations for children and sought professional help for their children when needed.”

“Language learning for young children is not a skill but a culturally learned behaviour created through patterns of action and interaction in a specific social context.”

“The study has highlighted the difficult and subjective nature of early identification and assessment and the wide variation in children’s early experiences, social interaction, SLC, socio-economic and socio-cultural environments.”

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