Top 5 research blogs by BCU CSPACE Researchers

A number of BCU staff and research students write their own blogs which are full of interesting reflections and ideas. Here are some

  1. Dr. Geoff Hillthe (research) supervisor’s friend
    Geoff writes about some of the experiences he has had as a research supervisor and aims to encourage other supervisors to share their practice.
  2. Prof. Martin Fautley
    Martin has written a lot on the subject of music education and assessment. Sometimes political but always with a hint of light hearted humour.
  3. Dr. Carolyn Blackburn
    Carolyn has been involved in a number of different research projects focusing on early childhood and families. She has written on Fosterline, Communicative Musicality, speech and language,  relationships and early intervention.
  4. Shannon Ludgate:
    Although fairly knew to blogging, Shannon has written some fascinating reflections on her use of research methods and talks about her PhD looking at touch screen technology with early years.
  5. The CSPACE blog: Ok a bit of a cheat here but the CSPACE blog offers ALL researches at BCU a space to share their reflections, practice and discoveries with the rest of the CSPACE team and the world. The CSPACE blog has posts on creative writing, supervision, conferences, music, evaluations, reflections, and much more!


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