Meet the CSPACE Team – Geof Hill

Name: Geof Hill

geof hillRole at BCU: I am a reader in (Higher ) Education in the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences

Research Interests:

  • I am interested in practice-led research and using that in any of the professional practices.
  • I am also interested in creative ways of publishing and disseminating one’s research and specialise in publishing my research in cabaret.

Research you are currently working on: I have just published a practice-led inquiry on my using cabaret as research dissemination. I am working with a colleague to make explicit a notion of ‘provenance’ which we have situated in practice-led inquiry as a reflective process to initiate practice-led inquiry.

I am working with other colleagues on the use of practitioner stories to provide insights into a range of business, education and health practices.

Research methodologies you are using: Practice-led inquiry ( which means that the inquiry begins with the researcher’s/inquirer’s own story of their exposure and development fo the practice they are investigating.

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Current issues, thoughts and reflections on education & research: Educational research is enjoying a new resurgence as practice based inquiry is revalidated as a worthwhile way for people to investigate a range of educational issues.

At BCU it is also exciting that there is a culture of encouraging people to both research and disseminate their research using creative approaches,.

Most influential research you have read/seen: Guba and Lincoln’s (1982) challenge to the hegemony of the positivist paradigm was concept changing for me. Previously I had accepted the dominance of positivist research and now I can see how that is flawed when it is used with any people issues.

Advice for new researchers: Keep a journal so that you will be able to recognise the ways in which you change as a researcher through your candidature. Document the very first thing troubling you and with that issue it can become the topic of your dissertation.

Mini fact about you: I worked as an actor on the television series ‘medivac’.

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