Re-thinking Creativities Cluster

 Victoria Kinsella – Cluster Meeting 7th October 2015

In the last cluster meeting on the 7th October 2015 the group engaged in thoughtful, reflective and critical conversations about building an abstract and the succinct information needed to explain research to our audience. The main questions explored during this meeting were:

•            What is the problem you are researching?

•            The particular focus of the research?

•            The place in the literature?

•            The methodological approach?

•            The results?

•            The implications and contribution?

Following this, we had Geof Hill, Reader in Education,  introducing the group the concept of an ‘exhibition’ as a way to explore and discuss research. In his presentation Geof described how presenting in exhibition mode is devised around a choice of four images/artefacts that are used as the basis for the presentation. In light of this, we plan our next cluster meeting to be in exhibition mode exploring the question ‘How do you position yourself as a researcher?’

If you are interested in joining us for this meeting please contact

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