I am Geof Hill

Written by Geof Hill, Senior Research Fellow, HELS.

I am the new Senior Research Fellow in the faculty and I have moved from Australia with my wife Suzanne who has recently retired from being an Early Childhood (Nursery School) teacher.

I completed my Ed. D. in 2002. My study was to inquire into the practices of writing, supervision and examination that flow on from new paradigms in research practice. My inquiry adopted an auto ethnographic approach based on my lived experiences of geof hillundertaking an M.Sc. (Hon) using action inquiry and the concurrent lived experiences of undertaking an Ed. D.

I presented some of my Ed.D research in a cabaret entitled ‘Doing a Doctorate’.

Following my graduation I secured a part-time post-doctoral appointment working in the Office of Research at the university through which I had graduated as an Ed. D., and for the following twelve years provided a range of professional development programs for research supervisors. I established a blog called ‘The research supervisor’s friend’ (https://supervisorsfriend.wordpress.com/ ) which I have been writing now for about four years. In the past twelve months I have written about issues related with nurturing creativity in research students and responding to desires to be creative by research students.

In the remainder of my professional life I ran a Management Consultancy called The Investigative Practitioner that delivered services to industry (Education, Mining, Health, Government) to help professionals explore their professional practices. This consultancy continued a professional line that had been established in my 20’s when I trained as a Work Study Analyst. Although this background and my undergraduate degree in Psychology give the impression of being a traditional researcher, through my M.Sc (Hon) I embraced action inquiry with gusto and I now live and breathe the ethos of post-positivist inquiry. The second doctoral degree I am currently undertaking in the Graduate Business School at University of Queensland (Australia) was/is a lived experience of exploring practice-led inquiry (where the starting point is the practitioner’s practice) in a Business Environment.

I enjoy theatre and cooking and walks in forest (bush walking) and travel.

Suzanne and I have been married for twenty years and we have no children. We love to travel and she has undertaken two international teacher exchanges (one to Minnesota, U.S.A and the other to U.K. where she taught for a year at Rickmansworth Royal Masonic School for Girls). Together we have undertaken two mini teacher exchanges to Tennessee, U.S.A. and to Mosbach, Germany, as well as numerous overseas trips to Canada, U.S.A. and Europe for a range of educational (conference) opportunities. I have been visiting U.K. as a visiting academic for the past twenty years and undertook a sabbatical in 2012 at Coventry University Academic Writing Centre. I drive a network of academics in U.K. interested in creative approaches to research supervision and for the past few years have toured with my various cabarets.

Geof.hill@bcu.ac.uk Extension 7376 Room 101 in Attwood

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