Pupils as Partners CPD Pilot

Written by Amanda French, Senior Researcher, School of Eduction

The CPD landscape is changing across health and education. There has been a decrease in Local authority provision, the growth of Academies and Free Schools and the demise of the Local Authority in health and educational community provision means there has been a growth in private companies and training consultants offering CPD in health and education. Against the background of austerity cuts community groups, charities, schools and colleges are increasingly looking to third stream funding provide extracurricular opportunities for their pupils/students, especially in areas of social-economic deprivation where arguably the need for enrichment activities is greatest. Responding to the fact that, schools, colleges and voluntary bodies have not traditionally been offered CPD in these areas, this pilot CPD, funded by HELS, reflects the Faculty’s commitment to community-based education and development.rb1901_BusinessSchoolstock

The project team are based in the Centre for Studies in Culture and Practice in Education (CSCPE).   We are drawing  our belief that children should be at the centre of any bid writing and research that involves them.  However, organisations seeking external funding have not traditionally sought to include children and young adults as vital participants in the bid-writing process. Rather, too often children and young adults are perceived solely as recipients of successful bid writing and even where they may be involved in putting a proposal together they are not engaged in any aspect of  subsequent project management and  evaluation processes.

In contrast, the Pupils and Partners project will deliver participating organisations an intensive, interactive workshop in bid writing and research which encourages pupils to become self-determining and effective co-bid writers alongside their teachers.

It is hoped that this pilot will form a sound basis for the commercial launch of community-based CPD package on bid writing, project management and evaluation. In this way HELS will be developing interactive and partnership-centered capacity building for schools and organisations working with children in our wider community.

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