Enhancing student engagement through online learning communities; publication project: call for contributions

Following the learning and teaching conference held at Cardiff Metropolitan University in April 2015, which looked at the issue of enhancing student engagement through online learning communities, the organisers have begun plans to publish a selection of the papers presented on the day, complemented by relevant and high-quality additional contributions.

The focus of the proposed publication is the ideas and themes addressed by Dr Alex Ryan and Professor Daniella Tilbury in their 2013, HEA publication, ‘Flexible Pedagogies: New Pedagogical Ideas’.  We are particularly interested in exploring the six pedagogical ideas proposed in their work, including, for example, learner empowerment and emancipatory social learning.  We envisage that the book will contain examples of good practice which highlight some or all (or aspects of) these ideas.

The purpose of this email is to invite proposals for potential contributions.  At the moment, we anticipate each essay being no more than 7,000 words (though that is subject to change).  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for consideration, please provide a précis of your essay, explaining in particular how it is linked to Dr Ryan and Professor Tilbury’s proposed pedagogical ideas, of no more than 250 words by 28 June.

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