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Kelly Jeffs talks about her role as Chief Executive of Light House


Kelly Jeffs, CEO at Light House Media Centre runs a well established media and arts centre in Wolverhampton which focuses on film, film education and documentary photography. Like many other cultural organisations, Light House has recently changed its business model to survive the current financial climate and safeguard the venue for the future of Wolverhampton’s cultural offer. To keep up with industry changes, Kelly says that:
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How Do I Look?

I discussed branding for a creative enterprise with my MA students today.

I wanted to demonstrate how a brand identity is much more than a logo and probably needs to develop over a period of time.  It will be part of all social media activity and can be reflected in the use of language and personal style.
In Young Entrepreneurs, Joanna Lord recommends a storytelling approach to encourage a discussion with your audience. Telling your story will help you build a community and encourage sharing. As a result your identity will develop through a dialogue with your audience rather than in a vacuum.

My colleague Frances Brown pointed out Johanna Basford’s website which is a beautiful example of a strong brand identity, with a very unique and personal style.

If you want to work as a freelancer or develop creative business you will have to think about your brand identity. You could start by collecting examples of other creative businesses – they might inspire you!

Do you have examples of brands you really like? Or dislike?