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Alumni of the Year: Daniella Genas

Copngratulations to Daniella Genas who is to be honoured at the Birmingham City University awards ceremony today, as alumni of the year.

Daniella is a frequent guest speaker on the MA Media and Creative Enterprise and we will welcome her again in a few week’s time.

A year ago, I interviewed her for this blog. Daniella  talked about her enterprise, her motivation and her plans for the future.


Defining Cultural Entrepreneurship

Cultural Entrepreneurship is difficult to define. Are we taking a wide definition of ‘culture’ to include a ‘way of life’ or are we taking about the ‘arts’ or the ‘creative industries’?

Of course, there is no single definition.

In the Guardian’s Secret Entrepreneur series,  there is a debate about whether or not a definition for social enterprise is important. According to the Secret Entrepreneur:

Social enterprise is a melting pot from which anything might emerge. Continue reading Defining Cultural Entrepreneurship

Daniella Genas Discussing her Business with Enterprise Students

This week, Daniella talked to my enterprise students about her business, Aspire4U, including the ups and downs of being your own boss!

There are two aspects to Daniella’s business: a commercial events company and a social enterprise which works with young people to provide training and work placement opportunities.

According to Daniella, one of the many challenges faces by social enterprises is the issue of sustainability and working on the business rather than project by project.

Although she has been highly successful in securing funding, she is conscious that this has at times been an over bureaucratic process. Instead of focusing on the business growth and the core aims of her enterprise, she is busy writing reports for funders. Daniella has started writing a blog about this to stimulate a debate on the subject.

In the short video below, Daniella describes her business and personal ambitions.