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In Praise of Happy Accidents

“So the devil sings higher – ‘Oh just look at what you’re doing!’

Yeah, he’s joined by a choir of doctors and statesmen

who plan their sorry lives till their last days’ end.

But look at all the happy things that happen by accident!”

Polly Paulusma, from ‘She moves in secret ways’.

I have written about serendipity and the work of Sebastian Olma before, but here, guest blogger Graham Allcott of Think Productive offers his advice on ‘happy accidents’.

When we think about accidents, our risk-averse brains take us straight to thinking about “consequences” and the mess we’ll have to clear up.  When we think about serendipity or happy coincidences, we think only that these things must be magical or that we struck lucky for a day.

But what if you could make your own luck?  And what if accidents weren’t bad, but were opportunities to be relished, celebrated and capitalised on? Continue reading In Praise of Happy Accidents

The importance of unexpected conversations in business.

In his book, The Serendipity Machine, Sebastian Olma describes how one firm in Utrecht, Holland, opened it’s doors to entrepreneurs in exchange for their social network.

Olma uses Seats2meet.com to explore serendipity, also known as a ‘happy accident’, at work. Initially, Seat2meet.com invited individuals to co-work in the lounge area of the office, an underused space, for free. 20 people soon turned into 150 but instead of feeling things had got out of hand, the owners of the business decided to make the most out of the opportunity. Continue reading The importance of unexpected conversations in business.