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Tips for working in the media: listen, look and learn!

Dominika Jankowska discusses her work and offers advice for anyone starting a career in the media.

After graduating from the MA Media & Creative Enterprise course Dominika has been working with digital marketing agencies and running her own marketing agency, Cinnamon Leaf. Her day-to-day activities range from copy writing web content, writing articles, SEO (both on and off-site), blogging, quality link-building, project management and managing social media campaigns.


One day I could be working on a small campaign for a local SME, another day I could be involved in a ‘giant’ project for a well-known corporation. Variety is the spice of life, as they say! Continue reading Tips for working in the media: listen, look and learn!

How to Market Challenging Content

Global poverty is not an easy subject to discuss. The complexity of the issues, the politics and the challenges of presenting material are discussed by Nick Fraser in this BBC Radio 4 programme entitled Poor Reporting.
Starting with the difficulties of engaging US television audiences, this also turns out to be of relevance to a recent discussion I had with students on marketing. The programme asks questions which many entrepreneurial media or creative industry projects will have to grapple with, such as:

How to develop an audience from scratch? The best platform for your story? Educating your potential audience without preaching to them. Storytelling.

Discussing Marketing with MA Students

All entrepreneurial activities need to think strategically about marketing. But more than that, we really need to get to grips with the idea of  ‘customer value’. And that’s not all about being the cheapest.

Seth Godin didn’t come up in the discussion today with MA students at Birmingham School of Media, but his advice could be useful. Continue reading Discussing Marketing with MA Students

Developing a Niche Business

Marina Ibrahim of Bizz Buzz gave students excellent insights into developing a niche business.










Marina talked about networks and creative alliances as key to understanding your sector. She demonstrated how she makes good use of her contacts and if she needs further support, she creates a network to access that help. For example, she has set up a local Jelly and a Mastermind group. Continue reading Developing a Niche Business