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The challenges of writing and publishing literary fiction

I attended an excellent talk at The Institute of Creative and Critical Writing in the School of English by Alan Mahar, novelist and former Publishing Director of Tindal Street Press last Wednesday.

Alan discussed writing and publishing literary fiction in today’s very challenging market. Continue reading The challenges of writing and publishing literary fiction

ISBE conference

I recently attended the ISBE conference and delivered a paper with my colleague Steve Harding. The paper is called Collaborative Learning with Creative Enterprises in the EU – a case study approach.
The conference had many different strands but the bits of interest to me are nicely captured by Frances Brown in her blog. And if you like fancy visuals, Frances created a picture of her ‘takeaways’ too.

Creative industries track (and a tiny bit of social and enterprise education)
Networks and Networking – “Fitting in and standing out” Eleanor Shaw
Everyone was talking about networks whether it was musician-entrepreneurs spending time and money to be part of their community via doing free gigs and supporting others gigs or networking being used as a learning experience via peer information sharing.  An interesting presentation looked at a new business that set up in a mature industry but quickly became embedded in and central to the network.  The study looked at the journey from pre-embedding to deep embedding via strategic networking, with intent.  Actively planning roles of each member of the business to network with others on their particular employment levels e.g. director and director, manager and manager and for a particular purpose.  The human capital of networks and communities were also considered in terms of entrepreneurs feeding into the community and having positive impact via contacts and reputation and the occurrence of an informal sharing and barter system.
Intent was considered again in relation to creative industries with it’s overwhelming drive to set up business for practice rather than for business sake.  In this case the complexity of the industry was examined with differing levels of intent arising in the form of ‘tactical’ intent – driven by desire to practice, often working towards an ultimate future goal – and ‘pragmatic’ intent of those who had multiple businesses over the research period and displayed a weak attachment to the projects/businesses as long as they were practicing in some way.

The discussions about networks, social & cultural capital are particularly pertinent for students launching a career in the media and creative industries. I touched on that in a previous post.

How to Market Challenging Content

Global poverty is not an easy subject to discuss. The complexity of the issues, the politics and the challenges of presenting material are discussed by Nick Fraser in this BBC Radio 4 programme entitled Poor Reporting.
Starting with the difficulties of engaging US television audiences, this also turns out to be of relevance to a recent discussion I had with students on marketing. The programme asks questions which many entrepreneurial media or creative industry projects will have to grapple with, such as:

How to develop an audience from scratch? The best platform for your story? Educating your potential audience without preaching to them. Storytelling.

Discussing Marketing with MA Students

All entrepreneurial activities need to think strategically about marketing. But more than that, we really need to get to grips with the idea of  ‘customer value’. And that’s not all about being the cheapest.

Seth Godin didn’t come up in the discussion today with MA students at Birmingham School of Media, but his advice could be useful. Continue reading Discussing Marketing with MA Students

Justice Williams, MBE, Talks About Setting up City & Style

Justice is brutally honest about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, but very entertaining too!

Her latest project is the City & Style online magazine and she is interested in engaging with students looking for work placements or freelance opportunities. Contact her on twitter @cityandstyle or email info@cityandstyle.co.uk.

Now balancing motherhood and her new projects, she ‘s got her work cut out but took time out to inspire BCU enterprise students. Continue reading Justice Williams, MBE, Talks About Setting up City & Style

Innovative and Collaborative

‘Innovative and Collaborative’ is how I would describe Lauren Davies. As a project manager within the arts and cultural sector, she seems to thrive on a challenge!

Lauren presented to our media and creative enterprise students this week. She described her business, Red Lantern, and various innovative and entrepreneurial projects she has initiated. Continue reading Innovative and Collaborative