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Tips for working in the media: listen, look and learn!

Dominika Jankowska discusses her work and offers advice for anyone starting a career in the media.

After graduating from the MA Media & Creative Enterprise course Dominika has been working with digital marketing agencies and running her own marketing agency, Cinnamon Leaf. Her day-to-day activities range from copy writing web content, writing articles, SEO (both on and off-site), blogging, quality link-building, project management and managing social media campaigns.


One day I could be working on a small campaign for a local SME, another day I could be involved in a ‘giant’ project for a well-known corporation. Variety is the spice of life, as they say! Continue reading Tips for working in the media: listen, look and learn!

The challenges of writing and publishing literary fiction

I attended an excellent talk at The Institute of Creative and Critical Writing in the School of English by Alan Mahar, novelist and former Publishing Director of Tindal Street Press last Wednesday.

Alan discussed writing and publishing literary fiction in today’s very challenging market. Continue reading The challenges of writing and publishing literary fiction

The importance of unexpected conversations in business.

In his book, The Serendipity Machine, Sebastian Olma describes how one firm in Utrecht, Holland, opened it’s doors to entrepreneurs in exchange for their social network.

Olma uses to explore serendipity, also known as a ‘happy accident’, at work. Initially, invited individuals to co-work in the lounge area of the office, an underused space, for free. 20 people soon turned into 150 but instead of feeling things had got out of hand, the owners of the business decided to make the most out of the opportunity. Continue reading The importance of unexpected conversations in business.

Innovative and Collaborative

‘Innovative and Collaborative’ is how I would describe Lauren Davies. As a project manager within the arts and cultural sector, she seems to thrive on a challenge!

Lauren presented to our media and creative enterprise students this week. She described her business, Red Lantern, and various innovative and entrepreneurial projects she has initiated. Continue reading Innovative and Collaborative

Developing a Niche Business

Marina Ibrahim of Bizz Buzz gave students excellent insights into developing a niche business.










Marina talked about networks and creative alliances as key to understanding your sector. She demonstrated how she makes good use of her contacts and if she needs further support, she creates a network to access that help. For example, she has set up a local Jelly and a Mastermind group. Continue reading Developing a Niche Business

Daniella Genas Discussing her Business with Enterprise Students

This week, Daniella talked to my enterprise students about her business, Aspire4U, including the ups and downs of being your own boss!

There are two aspects to Daniella’s business: a commercial events company and a social enterprise which works with young people to provide training and work placement opportunities.

According to Daniella, one of the many challenges faces by social enterprises is the issue of sustainability and working on the business rather than project by project.

Although she has been highly successful in securing funding, she is conscious that this has at times been an over bureaucratic process. Instead of focusing on the business growth and the core aims of her enterprise, she is busy writing reports for funders. Daniella has started writing a blog about this to stimulate a debate on the subject.

In the short video below, Daniella describes her business and personal ambitions.



Andreas learns about leadership from Emma Chetcuti, Director at Multistory

It was Friday 16th March when I was going to meet Emma Chetcuti at The Public in West Bromwich.

At first when we were asked to do an interview I was stressed as it was going to be my first one ever. It was difficult for me to choose a company but in the end it seems that I made the right choice.

During that interview I learnt very interesting things regarding entrepreneurship.  We had made a brief conversation around entrepreneurship and we concentrated in leadership.

Emma Chetcuti is the director at Multistory. Multistory is an organization based in The Public in West Bromwich. A building for artists. Multistory has as a main scope to create great art from the community of Black Country. They want to create fantastic art from people’s stories in order for these stories to be remembered.

A brief discussion was made regarding the fields of leadership, teamwork, the difficulties and the characteristics of a good leader.

To begin with in a question made regarding team work Emmas’ response was full of energy. As a leader of the company you have to be “committed to that” and very passionate about it. And if you have those things then you will be able to pass these feelings to your colleagues. Continue reading Andreas learns about leadership from Emma Chetcuti, Director at Multistory