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How to Avoid Information Overload



When I think back to earlier in my career, there are hundreds of things that spring to mind.  Memories of good times and bad, highs and lows, I’m sure you know the sort of thing.  In and amongst those memories is a vivid image of my desk, which zooms in on my computer screen to see hundreds upon hundreds of emails. Emails I’d read, emails left unread, but all piling up.  It characterizes how I used to work: controlled by my email inbox, struggling to lift my head above the parapet and consumed by the stress of information overload.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  I’ve changed.  You can too.  Continue reading How to Avoid Information Overload

Managing Projects: Creatively & Productively

Project management.  It’s enough to strike fear into many a creative professional.  It conjures up images of gantt charts or spread sheets, long meetings and complicated software.


And yet the uber-detailed project planning we may aspire to may not even be the best way after all:  too much planning can actually be a bad thing!


It is more important to be ultra-agile than to be over prepared. For day-to-day projects, we should think in terms of 20% planning and 80% regular management, re-alignment and steering.

Continue reading Managing Projects: Creatively & Productively

How to Have Creative Meetings


Most meetings are a waste of time.

I’m a big advocate of avoiding most of them, and focusing your time on the really important ones.  It’s incredibly important to manage it properly and make it a success.

Make sure you focus 40% of your attention for each meeting on preparation and getting everything right before you meet, then 20% of your attention on the meeting itself – the time you’re all together – and then spend 40% of your attention on the follow through. Continue reading How to Have Creative Meetings