Get Lucky

How much luck do you need in business? Are entrepreneurs lucky? According to this article in Start-Up Donut, many successful entrepreneurs attribute their success, at least partly, to being in the right place at the right time; in other words, luck.

But clearly it is not all about luck. An entrepreneurial idea needs to be developed and planned before it can become a successful venture. Once established, it needs to be managed and the entrepreneur will need to be strategic in their approach. Some people talk about ‘making your own luck’ by ensuring that you take up the opportunities when they come your way. In the article, Levi Roots says:

I’m surprised how humble a lot of successful people are. They frequently tell
you they’ve been lucky, but most of them have either made their own luck or at
least taken full advantage when a little bit of luck has come their way.

As a new group of students start on the MA Media and Creative Enterprise , I am going to suggest that they think about how to make their own luck as well as doing their research and planning.

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