Enterprise Education for Creative Subject Students

Frances Brown invited me to contribute to this guide, Insight and Inspiration: Enterprise Education for Creative Subject Students. Commissioned by NACUE/CREATE it is aimed at educators but could be very useful for students too. NACUE/CREATE write:

This guide was designed to be of use to educators in a variety of different roles and with varying levels of experience, for this reason we created it in two parts. The first part of the guide provides insight from students, graduates, creative business owners and educators on the kind of issues that may arise and the very specific needs of budding creatives, and part two outlines ideas for learning activities and shares exemplars from the great work in creative enterprise education across the UK.

I include some ideas about the importance of not making enterprise education generic and formulaic but to engage with the student’s personal context. That’s certainly my experience from teaching on the MA Media and Creative Enterprise.

A key component is making enterprise education relevant to the student’s personal context including their cultural background, personal aspirations and specific creative practice. Not everyone identifies with the idea of being an ‘entrepreneur’ but many creative workers will need to be enterprising in their professional practice. Indeed the language of business, management and enterprise can be a stumbling block for some students. It is therefore important to enable students to develop their version of an entrepreneur, appropriate to their personal aspirations, values and creative practice. For some, this might lead to starting up a business such as a freelance photography studio. For others, enterprise might result in counter cultural activities such as the work of the Carrot Workers Collective.

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