Attending Conferences is Good for you.

I recently attended the Advancing European Tradition of Entrepreneurship Studies conference in Leeds. I’ve writen a short blog post about it here. I found it thought provoking and challenging. The best conferences should help you  debate, progress your thinking and test your knowledge.

While I was in Leeds, and not available to teach, my students attended the Virtual Ent conference in Birmingham. Feedback from the students has been very postive. One of them said, ‘it got me thinking’.

So, I was in Leeds challenging the idea of the entrepreneur and exploring new methodologies for researching entrepreneurship in a more contextual manner. Meanwhile, in Birmingham, students were embracing enterprise and being inspired by various speakers including Nick Holzherr.

This examplifies one of the challenges of academia – the tension between critical debates and learning ‘how to’, particularly for vocational courses such as our MAs. I hope that we get a balance between the two by encouraging reflexivity in our students.

Spending time away from my day to day tasks always helps me reflect. It is an important part of professional practice.

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