Kelly Jeffs talks about her role as Chief Executive of Light House


Kelly Jeffs, CEO at Light House Media Centre runs a well established media and arts centre in Wolverhampton which focuses on film, film education and documentary photography. Like many other cultural organisations, Light House has recently changed its business model to survive the current financial climate and safeguard the venue for the future of Wolverhampton’s cultural offer. To keep up with industry changes, Kelly says that:

Light House has now reacted appropriately to the changing face of cinema projection and has fully upgraded to the digital format. As more and more new releases will only be available in a digital format rather than on 35mm film we have had no choice but to adapt to this change. Keeping on top of these technological step changes are the priority and of course will enable the organisation to remain a viable business.

Kelly explains her approach to management, saying that she always tries to find a few minutes every week to discuss with her team the ‘success and achievement’ side of things, no matter how small or insignificant.

She suggests:

Celebrate the positives rather than draining each others energies on negative aspects or failures that can’t be changed!

For Kelly, one of the main learning curves during the MA Media and Creative Enterprise was realising the future scope and necessity of using social media as a business and marketing tool. She even admits:

At the time, I was quite cynical and almost unaccepting of it, however, I couldn’t imagine running a business without it! Now, I get frustrated when I hear other business owners/senior managers suddenly realising that social media is the future and is a great marketing tool! In my mind, I’m slowly blowing out hot air and silently screaming at them ‘YOU DON’T SAY!’ Then I have to check myself and think ‘well that was me 5 years ago’….

Kelly’s commitment to meeting the challenges of running an organisation such as Light House is impressive. Managing the team, a range of projects and funding streams, as well as technological developments is no mean feat. I suspect that an openness to change – including social media – is her secret.


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