The Path to Setting up a Creative Business

 I caught up with recent graduate from the MA Media and Creative Enterprise, Aderonke Akinyele (far left), after this year’s graduation ceremony.


After only a few months since the end of her MA Media and Creative Enterprise,  Aderonke is working on a range of projects.

Well, my current position is a communication specialist (Media and Public Relations) for RisQserve Africa Projects Limited, Nigeria. A Consulting and Business Development Firm for the Oil & Gas Industry. Right now, I’m managing the Branding Team, working with a group of four people to develop a new image and identity for the company, hopefully that should be completed before the end of this month and other projects will kick in.

After that, Aderonke is hoping to use the experience to start her own business alongside studying for another MA.

I got a place to study an MA in Fine Arts in two Universities already and I’m trying to make a decision which to attend (all thanks to you Annette for your support). It is quite a scary thought for me but until you push to turn your dream into a reality, you never know how great you can become.

Aderonke will be applying her enterprise and communication skills to develop a  modern art gallery. This has always been her passion and her goal as an artist. Like ex-student Dominika, the path to setting up a business is not straight forward. Gaining further experience and building networks before kick starting a new venture seems less daunting than diving in!

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