Tips for working in the media: listen, look and learn!

Dominika Jankowska discusses her work and offers advice for anyone starting a career in the media.

After graduating from the MA Media & Creative Enterprise course Dominika has been working with digital marketing agencies and running her own marketing agency, Cinnamon Leaf. Her day-to-day activities range from copy writing web content, writing articles, SEO (both on and off-site), blogging, quality link-building, project management and managing social media campaigns.


One day I could be working on a small campaign for a local SME, another day I could be involved in a ‘giant’ project for a well-known corporation. Variety is the spice of life, as they say!

For Dominika there is nothing more motivating  than taking on new projects, working with different brands and implementing a variety of marketing tools. Working in a constantly transforming digital industry, with Google changing its algorithms on regular basis and the ways we communicate , it is vital for Dom to stay up-to-date.

At the moment, Dominika is focused on a few major developments in the industry such as using virtual workforces in online industry, building quality links rather than quantity and she suggests keeping an eye on Google Panda updates!

Dominika has some excellent advice for anyone starting a career in the media. She describes the ‘3Ls’ as key to her success.

Listen, Look and Learn. I can’t stress enough the importance of being ‘all eyes and ears’ when it comes to starting a career in the media. Listen carefully to what’s required, see how it’s done and learn to do it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. What better way to be fed information than from industry experts? Networking is another piece of advice I’d give to anyone starting their career. It’s always useful to build your contacts right from the very start. You never know, you might need them in the future! Lastly, enjoy! Media can be challenging but it’s also fun so try and take the most out of it.

Finally, recalling her experience at Birmingham City University, Dominika says:

The MA Media and Creative Enterprise course has provided me with practical knowledge of the industry and prepared me for professional work within the UK market. This was achieved by gaining an understanding of cultural and creative industries, the digital world and the application of innovative technologies in a business environment as well as skills such as entrepreneurship, management, planning and organising. Moreover, the course gave me an opportunity to build my media peer network and implement industry knowledge during my work placements. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to develop their entrepreneurial skills or set up their own business in the cultural and creative industries. So, to anyone thinking of studying on the MA Media and Creative Enterprise course, I say this is probably the best postgraduate decision you could make 🙂

You can contact Dominika on LinkedIn

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