5 Key Messages from Entrepreneur Andy Hartwell

Andy Hartwell entrepreneur and managing director of Substrakt talked to our BA students about his business and how he got started. He gave us lots of useful insights but I think the following 5 points are important for any budding entrepreneur.

  1. Get a mentor: Andy had had a range of mentors along the way and he has found their advice invaluable. This view was echoed by a previous guest speaker Marina from BizzBuzz.
  2. Balance between small jobs and long term projects: Keep the small jobs going because the longer term projects may take a while to come through.
  3. Access to resources: At the early stages of business, it is worth going back to your university to access some resources. It might be undergraduates or equipment.
  4. Team effort: Andy sees his work as a team effort and works hard to ensure that the team has opportunities to innovate and contribute.
  5. Friends: Use your friends to get opportunities in the early stages of a start-up and then return the favour. This will help you build your network.

To find out more about Andy and his company, here is a video we did last year.

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