Innovative and Collaborative

‘Innovative and Collaborative’ is how I would describe Lauren Davies. As a project manager within the arts and cultural sector, she seems to thrive on a challenge!

Lauren presented to our media and creative enterprise students this week. She described her business, Red Lantern, and various innovative and entrepreneurial projects she has initiated.

If I was to sum up her approach, I would say that Lauren makes a point of engaging with arts and cultural communities to gain their trust. This enables Lauren to develop various collaborative projects and to working innovatively – testing boundaries.

In particular, Lauren talked about the project , Reliable Witness, which was Birmingham Book Festival‘s first commissioned interactive storytelling experience.

The project demonstrated the extent to which good contacts & relationships are integral to a project such as Reliable Witness. Lauren skills, was in identifying the right people and managing the process within budget. She admitted that with so little funding, this was not always easy. Her own passion for the project made it difficult to reign everyone in. But perhaps, that’s also what made this project such a success!

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