Developing a Niche Business

Marina Ibrahim of Bizz Buzz gave students excellent insights into developing a niche business.










Marina talked about networks and creative alliances as key to understanding your sector. She demonstrated how she makes good use of her contacts and if she needs further support, she creates a network to access that help. For example, she has set up a local Jelly and a Mastermind group.

Marina is strategic about her networking activities and has a clear set of goals. This has helped her focus on a niche market.

“Networking is work and it should work for your business. So, it is best to choose networking events/groups which work for your business. You could waste a lot of energy, time and money  attending the ‘wrong’ networking events, which does not get you any business. Think about where your potential clients are going to be and where they could mingle. Secondly, have a networking goal for each event you attend. It’s very easy to attend a networking event and get side tracked by a conversation. 

With a background in marketing, she integrates conventional marketing theories (such as the 4 Ps) with a range of social media activities. But most of all, she’s a people person and develops strong relationships with her customers.


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