10 Good Habits!

I like the idea of developing ‘habits’ to nurture your ideas. I picked this up from Dave Jarman’s project at the University of Bristol, Basecamp. They have produced a little book which starts with 10 habits to encourage entrepreneurial behaviour.

The habits can be useful for anyone starting a freelance or portfolio career, as well as budding entrepreneurs.

Habit 1 – Write down your ideas to help you remember them and act on them.

Habit 2 – Focus on quantity not quality. You need lots of ideas before you can start to analyse them and chose the best ones.

Habit 3 – Kick ideas around with other people. Get other people’s perspectives to explore an idea. You could use social media to do that or face to face discussions.

Habit 4 – Think of stepping-stones. It is unlikely that your first idea will be a good one or the right one. You’ll need to work through various ideas before you get to a real opportunity or innovation.

Habit 5 – Use metaphors to open up creativity. It will help you think about an idea or a problem from a different perspective.

Habit 6 – Ask better questions. As if you were an alien just landed on earth.

Habit 7 – Change your habits. Do things in a different way and be open to diverse ideas.

Habit 8 – Be prepared for the fact that people often fear new ideas.

Habit 9 – Share your ideas to get other people’s contribution. Don’t be possessive about your ideas.

Habit 10 – Practice your creativity. The more you do it the better!

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