Andreas learns about leadership from Emma Chetcuti, Director at Multistory

It was Friday 16th March when I was going to meet Emma Chetcuti at The Public in West Bromwich.

At first when we were asked to do an interview I was stressed as it was going to be my first one ever. It was difficult for me to choose a company but in the end it seems that I made the right choice.

During that interview I learnt very interesting things regarding entrepreneurship.  We had made a brief conversation around entrepreneurship and we concentrated in leadership.

Emma Chetcuti is the director at Multistory. Multistory is an organization based in The Public in West Bromwich. A building for artists. Multistory has as a main scope to create great art from the community of Black Country. They want to create fantastic art from people’s stories in order for these stories to be remembered.

A brief discussion was made regarding the fields of leadership, teamwork, the difficulties and the characteristics of a good leader.

To begin with in a question made regarding team work Emmas’ response was full of energy. As a leader of the company you have to be “committed to that” and very passionate about it. And if you have those things then you will be able to pass these feelings to your colleagues.

Emma discussed that one of the most important is to be clear about your purpose. In a nutshell “The most important ingredients are ambition, to take risks and also to have a clear purpose of essence of what you are doing. And have clear goals.”

Emma was asked to discuss about her responsibilities as a leader of Multistory. She said that she has to set the direction and the vision of the company and to make that clear. She has to motivate people and enable them to do their best work. In addition, she has to communicate outside the company and be able to generate the opportunities and the resources for their colleagues to work. The relations between the company and the artist have to be made by her and manage the program that they are working on. And make clear to the communities and the artists why they work with them and what are the outcomes will be.

A very interesting quote that Emma gave when she was asked if she was trained to be a leader was that “leadership is something you learn by doing it.”

Some of the characteristics of a good leader as they have been mentioned during the interview are going to be highlighted.

  • “Successful leaders enable others to do well”.
  • “Really good leaders make effective decisions.”
  • “Good leaders can make these decisions whilst looking ahead. “
  • “And good leaders make real life business plans be exciting. “
  • “Encourage the staff”
  • “Be generous”

As said in the beginning of this post, I was stressed before I met her but when this interview was finished I felt that actually that I have learnt a lot of things. Not only how to make interviews and improve your skills but also in terms of communication and meeting new people. New people that you wouldn’t imagine how creative and passionate are about what they do for living.

Post by Andreas Theodotou

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