Tunde visits Sampad and takes a creative leap!

When I was first told I was going to interview someone for our Cultural Entrepreneurship blog, my heart skipped, mainly because I had never interviewed anyone before (except you count interviewing your friends about sports and music a real interview). However, the day came and I was totally excited because I had the opportunity to do what I hadn’t done before and it also gave me the opportunity to ‘travel’ and see the other side Birmingham. So I hopped on the bus armed with my phone for recording, my already prepared questions and my pen and paper for writing.

I got to SAMPAD about thirty (30) minutes earlier than the time I scheduled for the interview. This afforded me the luxury of going around the beautiful park and the lovely galleries at the MAC. I also had the opportunity of talking to Clayton Shaw (the person I interviewed) before the real interview.  The proper interview was about ten (10) minutes long, I asked him a few question ranging from his role in the company to what the company is about to how important creativity is to them as a company and below are excerpts of the interview


He is the Operations Manager, he is in charge of the business side of the company, he serves as a liaison between different companies, and he is also in charge of the finance and marketing.


SAMPAD is an arts development agency that promotes arts and artists on Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi origin. It was set up in 1990 by Piali Ray, the company serves the cultural needs of south Asian settlers and their second and third generation British Asian children. It has arguably exceeded those early ambitions to become one of the most dynamic arts organizations operating in Britain today.


According to Clayton Shaw ‘creativity is very important, because without it, the artistic quality can’t survive, creativity is also very important because it pushes things forward’. SAMPAD creative projects include, CREATIVE LEAP, which is a new professional development programme set up to enable new and emerging Birmingham based artists to kick start their career in the creative sector. The aim of this programme is to support new and emerging artists into the arts industry and enable them to develop and showcase their works. There is also a project called MANDALA which is coming up during the London 2012 Olympics.

In all, the whole experience is something I would cherish, and will be looking forward to interviewing many more people.

By Olatunde Adediran, MA Media and Creative Enterprise student at BCU

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